Our story

The Cabot dynasty began in Llavaneras, as jewellers who had been registered for several generations in the volumes of the Royal Academy of Silversmiths of the city of Mataró. The family’s registrations date back to 1662, but earlier documents exist that place the origins of the dynasty around the year 1543.


The first jeweller’s opens at Calle Argenteria no.35 in Barcelona, next to the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar. Francesc Cabot i Ferrer starts creating religious objects and traditional period jewellery in Barcelona.


The business moves to Calle Ferran no.61 (on the corner with Plaza Sant Jaume). The jeweller’s renames itself Viuda de Francisco Cabot e Hijos (Francisco Cabot’s Widow & Sons).


The new jeweller’s opens at no.17 Plaza Cataluña. It becomes a point of reference in the sector due to its outstanding customer service, as well as its workshops situated in the lower part of the property.

During this period, the company was awarded prizes in various exhibitions. Among the many accolades that it won, the most noteworthy were the Diploma of Honour and the Gold Medal for Religious Art at the exhibitions held in Rome during the papacies of Pope Pius XI and Pope Leo XII.


A new jeweller’s opens at no.636 on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanas. Joaquim Cabot manages the shop and names it after himself. Santiago Marco takes charge of the decoration. Joaquim, who worked as a jeweller, sculptor, poet, financier and politician, brought the Orfeo Català choral society to the height of its success, promoting the Palau de la Música Catalana concert hall during his 20-year presidency of the organisation. He also founded the newspaper Veu de Catalunya and the Renaixença linguistic cultural movement, participated in the Jocs Florals (the Floral Games; historical poetry contests with floral prizes) and helped to create the Mancomunitat de Catalunya (Commonwealth of Catalonia).


Joaquim Cabot retires and his son-in-law Alejandro Soler Damians takes charge of the firm, along with his son Jorge Soler-Cabot, Joaquim’s grandson.


Jorge Soler Cabot

Jorge Soler-Cabot initiates collaboration with Enric Domenech, creating the company Domenech y Soler-Cabot at no.11 Paseo de Gracia. The firm soon gains an excellent reputation in the city. The superior quality of the gems (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies) on offer to its customers makes it one of the finest jeweller’s in Spain.


The sons of Jorge Soler-Cabot open a new jeweller’s in the upper zone of Barcelona, in Plaza San Gregorio Taumaturgo. Based in this jeweller’s, the firm begins a new phase of life. The design and sale of new products underpins the growth of the firm, while it maintains its same underlying philosophy of excellence in quality.


With Jose Luis Soler-Cabot at its head, and following the incorporation of his son Carlos Soler-Cabot, the firm launches new products such as the Soler-Cabot 24 Hours watch collection. This continues the company’s strong creative drive in designing modern pieces. These are sold in various countries, increasing the brand’s international profile.


Soler-Cabot starts internationalising the company, prioritising the study of diamonds, as these are its product par excellence. The company also opens its own office in the Antwerp Diamond Exchange.